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Australian Institute of Building Designers Incorporated

About Us

    The Australian Institute of Building Designers Incorporated is Australia’s newest and fastest growing industry association representing building designers and architectural draftspeople. Formed in 2002 and incorporated in Western Australia in February 2003, this new association represents all members equally and fairly, whether they are Australia’s leading architect or a student embarking on the journey to join the profession. The founding members of the organisation recognised the need for a combined voice that would best suit their needs in these rapidly changing times and felt there was no one association that represented their combined views and facilitated the exchange of information they needed.

    Our basic purpose is to promote and develop the building design and architectural drafting professions and advance the quality of the built environment.

    Initially directing their attention to Western Australian members, policies and procedures were established that have allowed replication of services on a National basis. A strategic plan was developed to establish clearly defined outcomes and objectives and growth forecasts have been constantly monitored. AIBD are currently experiencing membership growth well beyond their initial expectations and are delivering services well in advance of planned implementation times.

    Current service delivery is based on an interactive website with a password protected members only section. Combined with electronic mail (and of course normal mail) it forms the basis of fast and efficient information delivery and ongoing professional development. The website provides members one central point of information exchange, opportunities for personal development and discussion forums with their peers.

    The website also includes information of interest to builders and the general public, explaining what a building designer is, the range of services they can offer, how they should be selected, how much they should cost and what the differences are between an architect and a building designer. AIBD provide standard forms for use by members including a Standard Agreement for the Provision of Building Design Services.

    The range of services offered to members includes an information library (including legislative and technology changes and innovations), networking meetings, representation on government and industry panels and boards, study tours, information evenings, conferences and annual design award competitions (including regional areas).

    AIBD believe in this ever changing world we live in that we should be exchanging information and exploring ideas with similar associations, educational institutions and government bodies and are working with those groups to facilitate cost effective and relevant services to members.

    Membership is not limited or targeted towards any specific group. The intention is to welcome all who contribute in some way to the industry and no specific levels of ability are imposed as conditions of membership.

    However the association plans to facilitate the national accreditation of all people working in our industry to ensure their livelihoods and recognise their existing skills and abilities. AIBD are working hard to achieve an equitable and fair system throughout Australia. The proposed accreditation process is based on a model that is competency based and recognises both formal qualifications and practical experience. It will ensure there are means of elevating practitioners from one level to the next with clearly defined methods and open and accountable systems.

    AIBD intends to break down some of the barriers that have historically existed between various professions within the building industry and in particular recognise that a combined voice for architects, building designers and architectural draftspersons is important for the success and growth of our industry.

    This truly national association will enjoy the benefits of strength in numbers, economy and efficiency of one central management structure and the ability to offer a dedicated and relevant service delivery to all members. Members with particular State or regional requirements will be offered relevant services and support which is considered vitally important, especially for those based in remote locations.

    Our built environment continues to form a vitally integral part of our everyday lives. From the houses we live in to the buildings we work in, the institutions we learn in and the public places we visit, buildings provide us with the basic needs of shelter from the elements and security. For many they are a major investment and therefore also offer us financial security. They are an expression of our artistic abilities and can reflect the owners’ individuality. With new technology, changing lifestyles, the need to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions and to make our future more sustainable, our buildings are constantly evolving. Probably more so in the last two decades than we have ever experienced before.

    As our industry continues to develop, AIBD aims to provide members with the means to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and keep abreast of the latest innovations and changes while remaining competitive and innovative with their design solutions.

    For further information please visit the Contact Us page.
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